About In Joy Media

Content with Vision, Media with Wisdom

OUR VISION: To create the premier short-form entertainment and media company, by producing a series of practical, thought-provoking and heart-opening programs.

In Joy Media is a multi-media content provider. We are dedicated to creating programs that not only entertain us, but also inspire and empower us all to live life more fully and joyfully. Our content delivers practical tools to shift us to greater levels of self-awareness and success.


Inside Wealth Stu Zimmerman

Our History

The idea for Inner Espresso™ was borne out of Inside Wealth, In Joy Media’s nationally broadcast radio-show. During its time, it was unlike anything else on the air. With a mission to awaken, inspire and empower people to experience the wealth that's already inside of them, the show's passionate host, Stu Zimmerman, offered a refreshing, holistic approach, interweaving emotional, spiritual and financial wealth into one seamless way of being.

Over the course of several years, Stu interviewed a prestigious and diverse group of accomplished entrepreneurs who offered their pragmatic wisdom on how to grow a sustainable business, boost career prospects, invest more effectively and/or live a more fulfilling life. Some of our illustrious guests include Deepak Chopra, Tony LaRussa, George Zimmer, Marianne Williamson and Ken Fisher.

Using the power of multimedia and the Internet, Inner Espresso™ was created to bring the wisdom of these and other renowned business and communications leaders to your desktop.