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video placeholderInner Espresso™ is an enlightening and inspiring video wake-up call for an individual or the entire enterprise. According to the study by Towers Perrin, only 14% of employees in today's work force are fully engaged with their work. Employee engagement is a key driver of productivity, yet employee disengagement is epidemic. The hidden and real cost to industry is $350 billion.* Inner Espresso™ is a great investment in your greatest asset… your employees.


Recent survey results at one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work:

90% Agree/Strongly Agree that Inner Espresso is personally valuable.

79% Agree/Strongly Agree that viewing Inner Espresso improves their attitude at work.

Marshall GoldsmithHow do we catalyze employee engagement? We start by engaging you in the videos themselves. Every day one of our presenters will share with you a pearl of wisdom, real-world example and call to action. Want to see a sample? Their insights and suggested exercises are universally relevant throughout all levels of an organization. And, they are entertaining, often with key concepts that are memorable, thought-provoking and inspiring. Additional elective interactivity with the video content and the presenters directly can stimulate even deeper integration and worker engagement.

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  • Entertaining 90 second videos delivered twice per week* to your email inbox
  • Empowers life skills for more rewarding personal and professional relationships
  • It’s like having your own personal executive coach by your side every day
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Corporate Subscribers

  • Corporate SubscribersEngage and motivate your management team, sales force, and entire company
  • Customized videos for your corporate communications and branding
  • Deepen relationships with your customers and stakeholders
  • Many exciting business applications

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