Inner Espresso™ in the Workplace

Inner Espresso for CorporationsWhat if you could motivate and engage your most valuable asset – your employees?

These entertaining and inspirational 90-second Internet videos are relevant enterprise-wide. A powerful training and self-development resource, it provides essential skills for business and life. Inner Espresso™ is designed to:

  • Be brief, engaging and effective for busy people
  • Instill greater passion and purpose
  • Empower everyone to think like a leader
  • Offer techniques and encouragement for authentic communication
  • Create a positive mindset and stimulate staff engagement
  • Offer a daily “call to action” for experiential and practical learning
  • Offer time-efficient learning
  • Increase cross-functional collaboration
  • Speak to a diverse workforce and enhance corporate culture

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Inner Espresso™ Offers Extensive Customization Options

  • Branding - the coffee cup graphic that starts each video can display your company logo.
  • Personalized email message or placement on your corporate Intranet.
  • Different delivery options: daily, 2x, or 3x per week via email link, or better yet…
  • Offer Inner Espresso on your corporate intranet, with access to the lastest videos.
  • Digital signage - LCL billboards
  • Your executives could be presenters. Our two-time Emmy Award-winning director and producer and professional film crew can film your key messengers, and incorporate the segments into the series to make the content more relevant and personal to your company.

Relationship Building: The Applications of Inner Espresso™

  • In-house use to boost employee engagement
  • Talking points for team meetings
  • Draw for corporate intranet traffic
  • Use by management consultants with their clients
  • Customer appreciation gift
  • Brand promotion & extension
  • Mobile/cellular/hand held devices
  • Advertising/sponsorship opportunities