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6.22.08 Beverly Kaye

Beverly Kaye is a nationally recognized expert in management and career development, as well as a world authority on career systems. Love 'Em or Lose 'Em, co-authored with Sharon Jordan-Evans, is the best-selling book ever written on retention. Beverly's work focuses on helping managers develop their people and helping employees take responsibility for their own careers. Beverly is the founder and president of Career Systems International.


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6.15.08 Marilyn Schlitz

For three decades, scientist and anthropologist Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D. has pioneered clinical and field-based research in the area of human transformation and healing. She is a thought leader on matters of individual and social change whose respected voice offers new insights into the most pressing challenges of our time. A researcher, speaker, change consultant, and writer, her latest book is Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.


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6.8.08 Eddie Erlandson, MD

With a unique background as a 25-year vascular surgeon and former hospital chief of staff, and as a founder of a respected wellness program, Eddie Erlandson, senior vice president of Worth Ethic, uses his education and understanding for the science of stress and change to transform entrenched leadership style habits that inhibit teamwork, innovation and problem solving. He and his wife Kate Ludeman are authors of Alpha Male


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6.1.08 Dr. Jean Houston

Jean Houston is a scholar, philosopher, a visionary, and she has been regarded as one of the principle founders of the Human Potential Movement. She's worked in an advisory capacity to U.S. Presidents, the Dalai Lama, governmental agencies and corporations.
She is the author of 25 books including A Passion for the Possible, which was drawn from her PBS Special. She has worked in 100 countries and 40 cultures. She is a consultant to the United Nations and is the principle teacher of the Mystery School, a school of human development, which is in it's 25th year, and she is the founder and Director of the International Institute for Social Artistry.
Buckminister Fuller called her mind "The Eight Wonder of the World."


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5.25.08 Brent Kessel

was name one of the top 250 financial advisors by Worth Magazine, and his company Abacus Wealth Partners which manages more than $800 million in client assets, was named one of the "top 250 wealth management firms in the U.S." by Bloomberg's Wealth Manager. Dubbed the "Financial Soul Searcher" by Research Magazine, he is the author of It's Not About The Money: Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance.
Brent Kessel


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5.18.08 Azim Jamal

is known as the Corporate Sufi. He is a leading international inspirational speaker, management consultant, and executive coach. Azim has been spreading his unique, thought-provoking message around the world in becoming a Corporate Sufi - one who can achieve material abundance through spiritual abundance. He is the author of several books including, The Power of Giving.


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5.11.08 Byron Katie

is the author of two bestselling books, Loving What Is and I Need Your Love - Is that Really True? where she showed how suffering can be ended through a process she calls The Work. Her work has been praised by Echkart Tolle, Iyanla Vanzant and Wayne Dyer. In her latest book, A Thousand Names for Joy she encourages us to discover the freedom that lives on the other side of inquiry.


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5.4.08 Stephen Post, PhD

is a professor of bioethics at Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine. He is president of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love. He is the author, along with Jill Neimark, of Why Good Things Happen to Good People.
Stephen Post


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4.27.08 Michael Dulworth

is the President and CEO of Executive Networks, a leading provider of executive peer networks, and he specializes in helping organizations achieve significant improvements in performance through the utilization of innovative business practices. He is the author of The Connect Efffect: Building Strong Personal, Professional and Virtual Networks.


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4.20.08 Alex Pattakos, Ph.D

affectionately known as "Dr. Meaning," is widely known and respected as a pioneer in transformational thinking. He is the author of the best-selling book, Prisoners of Our Thoughts, which is based on the wisdom of (and he was encouraged personally by) his mentor, the world-renown psychiatrist Dr. Victor Frankl.

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4.13.08 Stephen McClellan

has more than three decades of Wall Street investment savvy as an investment analyst; a First Vice President at Merrill Lynch and ranked on the Institution Investor All-American Research Team for 19 years and he is enshrined in the Wall Street Journal's Analysts Hall of Fame. He is the author of Full of Bull, written for the individual investor.

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4.6.08 Mike Hannigan

is the co-founder of Give Something Back (GSB) Business Products with a business model established by Paul Newman, which donates all its profits to charity. To date, GSB has donated more than half its profits, amounting to more than $4 million, to community groups that support better education, healthcare, culture, and environmental stewardship.

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03.30.08 Matthew Emmens

is the CEO of Shire Pharmaceuticals, which under his leadership has become one of the top specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world. He is also the co-author of Zenobia: A Curious Book of Business. The book is a tale about transforming a stagnant corporate culture and will inspire readers to change their own world of work.
Matthew Emmens

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03.23.08 Steve Bhaerman

is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For almost two decades he's performed as Swami Beyondananda, the Cosmic Comic, and authored 4 books including his latest - A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfuntion.

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03.16.08 Marci Shimoff

is the President and co-founder of The Esteem Group and one of the featured teachers in smash hit DVD and book, The Secret. She is the author of Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, selling more than 13 million copies worldwide. Her new book, Happy For No Reason, offers a revolutionary approach to experiencing deep and lasting happiness.

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03.09.08 Richard Strozzi-Heckler

is the founder and President of the Strozzi Institute. He's spent more than three decades researching, developing and teaching Somatics (a unity of language, action, energy and meaning) to business leaders and executive managers. He is the author of seven books and his latest is The Leadership Dojo: Build Your Foundation as an Exemplary Leader.

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03.02.08 Zen DeBrucke

is the Founder of the Ahuma Institute and creator of Power Manifestation and the Internal Guidance System (IGS). She is an inspirational teacher and visionary leader and the former CEO of The NetKitchen where she created Internet campaigns and properties for Fortune 500 companies including Applied Materials, IBM and Electronic Arts.

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2.17.08 Gwen Mazer

Author of Wise Talk Wild Women brings a new dimension to the conversation about age at midlife and beyond with more than a dozen women including social visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard, activist, Delores Huerta, Congresswomen, Barbara Lee, philosopher, Jean Houston and many more.

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02.10.08 Rev. Karen Russo

Author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom & Real Financial Power teaches how to use Universal Principles and Spiritual Practices to permanently eliminate worry about your finances and step into the flow of your prosperity.

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Gelb1/27/08 Michael Gelb

The world's leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. Author of The Spirit of Leonardo, Work Like Davinci and Innovate Like Edison.

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Paniagua1/20/08 Frank P. Paniagua, Jr.

Founder and CEO of Green Plug, the developer of GreenTalk™, a secure, digital protocol for real-time collaboration between devices that need power and their power sources.

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Hal Adler1/13/08 Hal Adler

President of the Great Place to Work Institute where he provided leadership and strategic direction for the Institute, which is dedicated to building a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces.

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Rich Leider1/6/08 Richard Leider

Founder and Chairman of The Inventure Group, a team dedicated to helping people live passionately. Forbes has ranked Richard as one of the Top 5 most respected coaches in
the country.

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La Russa12/30/07 Tony La Russa

Manager of the World Series Champions, St. Louis Cardinals joins Stu Zimmerman for another candid conversation.

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Shah12/23/07 Premal Shah

President of

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Menkes12/16/07 Justin Menkes

acclaimed author and the leading expert in the field of executive assessment.

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Guest: Dick Bolles
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Steve Farrell
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Bolles12/9/07 Dick Bolles

originally wrote the best-selling classic What Color Is Your Parachute?

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Eileen12/2/07 Eileen McDargh

is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, consultant, and business author.

Kennedy11/25/07 Paula Kennedy

is a Vice President at Cammack LaRhette Consulting and a expert on investing and financial education.


Hendricks11/18/07 Gay Hendricks

Ph.D., has served for more than 30 years as one of the major contributors to the fields of relationship transformation and bodymind therapies.


Grady11/11/07 Robert Grady

serves Fund Head for Carlyle’s U.S. venture and growth capital group, Carlyle Venture Partners.


Shemano11/4/07 Gary Shemano

is the founder and Chairman of the Shemano Group in San Francisco, a boutique investment firm he started in 1994.


10/28/07 Brenda Rhodes

- this nationally respected businesswoman, mother, actor, and producer, is the founder and CEO of SugarBeets Productions in Northern California.

Kamp10/21/07 Jurriaan Kamp

founded Ode Magazine in The Netherlands in 1995 with his wife, Helene de Puy

10/14/07 Shannan Daley-Harris, & Jeffrey Keenan,

believe that ending poverty can begin with small actions taken throughout the course of an average day. /

Robbins10/7/07 Mike Robbins

is an expert in teamwork, communication, and the power of appreciation


Comaroto9/30/07 Maryanne Comaroto

is a relationship advocate, author, workshop facilitator, radio show host, licensed therapist and founder of SHOMI, LLC, a self-development company

Weider9/23/07 Marcia Wieder

is the Founder of Dream


Peterson9/16/07 Jeff Peterson

is the creator of the Peterson Family Foundation started in 2003 as a tribute his wife, and mother of their twin sons, Karen Peterson who died from mesothelioma.

Van9/9/07 Van Jones

is an eco-visionary, human rights attorney, founder and executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Shoemake9/2/07 Paul Shoemaker

is the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners (SVP) in Seattle, WA, a network of accomplished individuals who combine financial contributions and professional skills with a passion for philanthropy.

B George8/25/07 Bill George

is the former chairman and CEO of Medtronic is presently Professor of Management Practice, Henry B. Arthur Fellow of Ethics, at Harvard Business School and author of the best-selling leadership book, "True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership."

Coen Gilbert8/19/07 Jay Coen Gilbert

- co-founder of AND I, an apparel company he sold for $200.00 million is the now the co-creator of B Lab, a capital fund and holding company which harnesses the power of private enterprise to create public benefit.

Joel8/12/07 Joel Solomon

- President of Renewal Partners and Executive Director of the Endswell Foundation

8/5/07 Riane Eisler

is an award-winning author of The Power of Partnership and the international bestseller, The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future, and her most recent book The Real Wealth of Nations.

Calingo7/29/07 Dr. Luis Calingo

recently named, dean of Dominican University’s School of Business and Leadership

Chip7/22/07 Chip Conley

is the founder and CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, California’s largest boutique hotel company.

J Philips7/15/07 Jan Phillips

is a visionary thought leader, a dynamic speaker and an award-winning author whose latest book is, The Art of Original Thinking

Bonanno7/08/07 Jonathan Bonanno

- is the Founder of the InterBill Corporation, Owner of Mobiliance, and Founder of ViaMoviles.

Levine7/01/07 Dr. Madeline Levine

- Phychologist and author of : "The Price of Priviledge: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids"

Josephs6/24/07 Steven Josephs

-Co-author of "Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change"

Hellman6/17/07 Warren Hellman

- the co-founder of Hellman & Freidma


Fischer6/10/07 Ken Fisher

-CEO and CIO Fisher Investments
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Roger4/22/07 Roger McNamee

Co-Founder and GP Integral Partners

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Duance1/7/07 Duane Boyce

Arbinger Institute & Author of "The Anatomy Of Peace"

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Joe11/26/06 Joe Garagiola, Sr

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George 7/30/06 George McCown

Prospects for Peace with George McCown

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Zimmer 5/14/06 George Zimmer

"You're gonna love this show, I guarantee it!"

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Lance 5/7/06 Lance Secretan

"Number One" -

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Joe 4/16/06 Dr. Joe Vitale

"Resurrect your finances and your life." special guest Dr. Joe Vitale,"The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth from the Inside Out."

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Neal 3/12/06 Neale Donald Walsch

"True Abundance" Stu discusses the nature of abundance and pathways to spiritual wealth with Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of the Conversations With God" series.

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Tony2/5/06 Tony La Russa

"Candid Conversation with Tony La Russa"

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Chopra1/1/06 Dr. Deepak Chopra

"Download from Deepak" Dr. Deepak Chopra shares his practical and scientific insights on The State of World.

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